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How to Get Bots in TikTok for Free - 3 Proven Ways

Many bloggers have started promoting their channels with bots. What are bots? They are not only empty auto-registered accounts. They can also include those who subscribe to the channels for a fee, because after subscribing, these people are not active and do not respond to new publications. Next we will talk about how to get TikTok follower bots free and look at working methods to increase real followers on TikTok channel.


You can use software that have been developed to promote channels. Their functionality allows you to automate many actions that would take several times longer to perform manually. That is why they are so effective, and there is a demand for them.

Since Tik Tok has become especially popular in the USA and Germany relatively recently, there aren't a lot of software tools developed for its promotion yet. We will tell you about the programs that exist at the moment.

1 Toksocial

This program has a number of features:

  • The algorithm of the social network will take all his actions as from a real user using the TT from his phone. The program qualitatively simulates the activity of the user;
  • The software supports authorization with a graphical captcha, which appears when you enter from each new device. That is, you will not have to open the mobile version of the application in order to confirm the entrance;
  • The program has no restrictions on the sequence and number of tasks for each account.

fast tiktok bots free

These are features of the program that are not found in other similar software. Next, we'll move on to a description of the program's functionality, which is quite extensive. What the software can do:

  • Massively registers accounts for fake and real emails. This is a very useful function. It allows you to create the necessary number of accounts without cost, which in the future you can use to gather an audience and promote;
  • Collects CA by hashtags and competitors;
  • Parses competitors, their followers and subscription lists by selected parameters. The software automatically saves the collected lists. In the future, they can be selected when launching certain tasks;
  • Mass subscribe and likes in Tik Tok, as well as unsubscribes;
  • Allows you to set intervals between actions. This is important because indiscriminate liking and followering can lead to undesirable consequences;
  • Allows you to create projects. Within a single project, you can gather an audience, set the right settings and set the right goals for promotion. So, for example, you can create several projects with different tasks and different target audiences;
  • Supports HTTPS(S), SOCKS4/5 proxies.

2 Followers Guide

Since this program is relatively new, it's still in testing mode, so it's completely free. Its functionality is not as extensive as that of the previous software. Basically, the program is a parser:

  1. It searches users by a specified parameter;
  2. Searches and collects video clips from trends by gathering the most popular videos at the moment;
  3. Parses live broadcasts and allows you to download them;
  4. Collects data about users, such as: mail, phone number, links to social networks;
  5. Gathers recommendation lists for one or another user;
  6. Parses video clips by specified hashtags;
  7. Downloads any videos without watermarks.

Later, the developers plan to expand the functionality of the software and add mass liking, mass followering and messaging.

3 Media Mister

This program allows you to automate all processes in social networks. Its functionality is focused on promotion:

  • Mass-subscribes to accounts by hashtags, photo tags, etc;
  • Parses the audience;
  • En masse puts "Like" marks without limits.

Among the clear advantages of bots in Tik Tok are the following:

  • Regularly updated;
  • Offers a lot of tools to customize followering.

Massliking and followering allow you to get results much faster and gain the desired number of subscribers, likes and views of Tik Tok videos. However, when using such programs, you need to follow some rules to avoid unpleasant consequences.

Quality promotion of the profile in Tik Tok is impossible without the correct setup of mass actions. Below are tips for working with specialized programs and services:

  1. Set at least the minimum interval between likes and subscriptions to imitate the activity of a real person, not a machine. It should be no less than 30 minutes;
  2. Do not use the program at night. Most people are asleep at this time, so your activity will not be as effective;
  3. Alternate different tasks so that the algorithm cannot recognize the activity of the program;
  4. Only use private mobile proxies;
  5. Start your acquaintance with software with a trial version. That way you can understand how good the product is, how it works and whether it is suitable for you.

You can add subscribers not only with the help of programs, but also through services like Lowcost smm. About how much bots on TikTok cost when you buy them on websites, we'll tell you more in this article. In the meantime, let's describe a number of other ways to increase your audience for free.

Online exchangers

Exchanges are sites where users are first performing tasks of others (likes, subscriptions, etc.), get money for it (real or virtual), and then order subscriptions to your account for earned money. That is, promotion through such services does not require investment. But services with free promotion are not as many as we would like. Consider some of the most popular sites.

1 Tokupgrade

It is a service through which you can promote free accounts in Tik Tok and catch up with subscribers and likes. The cost per follower is 13 points. And when you complete tasks, you will get 10 points for a subscription. Through this service you can catch up with bots in Telegram, TT and many other social networks.

The advantages of the service:

  • Free promotion;
  • You can select the type of performers;
  • You can set your own payment for performers;
  • There is an affiliate program. You can get 50% of your referrals' deposits and their earnings.

2 GetAFollower

On this site, the money you earn can be spent on promotion, or you can withdraw them and take them to your e-wallet. The cost of one subscriber is 0.49 coins.

The advantages of the service:

  • No need to invest money;
  • The minimum of charges, because for unsubscribing and deleting the likes performers receive a penalty;
  • Availability of referral system. Users receive 15% of the amount of recharges brought their friends.

Disadvantages of the service:

  • Free promotion takes a lot of time, and it is quite a chore. Imagine that in order to gain at least 500 subscribers, you will have to perform the same number of tasks, and maybe more.

3 Followersup

A similar service through which you can get likes and bots (subscribers) to your TT page.

From the advantages of the service:

  • No investment required.

From the minuses of the service:

  • Free promotion takes a lot of time, and it is quite a chore. If you need fast and free TikTok bots, it is better to use commercial services such as Lowcostsmm.

In general, this way of increasing the audience is considered a good option. You will be able to get the desired number of subscribers relatively quickly and you will be confident in the result. That said, this method also has a number of drawbacks:

  • Despite any guarantees, there will still be write-offs. A part of subscribers will leave your channel;
  • Bought subscribers in the future will not be active, put their likes and viewings;
  • There is a risk of getting banned if you use the services carelessly. The algorithm for tracking activity in social networks can register artificial attraction of the audience and impose sanctions.

What sanctions may follow? Most often, a shadow ban is imposed. This is the most common penalty, in which access to the app and account is retained, but certain features and functionality are restricted. What a shadow ban results in:

  1. Videos are not displayed in the feed;
  2. Videos do not appear in the "recommendations" section;
  3. Subscribers are the last to see the videos.

You may not even know that you were shadow-banned. The service does not notify you in any way about the imposition of sanctions. The only sign you can recognize a problem is the drop in views and likes. Since videos are no longer displayed in recommendations and feeds, new videos do not get views like before.

Thus, you should evaluate the pros, cons and risks before using online services. If you still decide to use this method, then stick to the following recommendations, which will help reduce the risk:

  • Before using any service, read the reviews about the bots for free;
  • Do not abuse. Increase activity gradually and watch not only the number of your actions, but also observe the intervals between them. Do not immediately add thousands of followers to your channel;
  • Continue to publish quality content and follow trends. Remember that with the help of services and programs you can attract attention to your channel, and interesting and trending content will help to gain the target active audience;
  • Make sure that there are no more bots than there are live subscribers on your channel. This rule applies to any social network. Therefore, for example, when buying bots VK and Instagram should also take into account this ratio;
  • Keep a balance and strive to make promotion look natural. Make sure that not only subscribers but also likes and views are growing;
  • Keep to your limits and stick to your intervals. The total daily limit for subscriptions is 200 units and 500 units for likes;
  • When using programs and services, you can create a new additional account and earn points from it. After all, you only need a link to your channel in order to grow your scores. And you can earn points from the other one as well.


How to make TikTok bots followers by yourself from scratch? In addition to exchanges and programs, there is another tool - mobile applications. As a rule, the principle of promotion through them is the same. You will perform tasks, earn points and then invest them in subscriptions. You can pick up a huge number of applications in Google Play, for example:

  1. TikTok Guru.
  2. Social Booster
  3. Famous Follower
  4. TikBooster
  5. TikTune
  6. TikLiker
  7. TikTok Followers Free
  8. TickTracker

Despite the large choice in practice, you may find that half of the programs will not work, and the other half will be disappointing with the presence of errors. In any case, you can read reviews about each application on Google Play and the App Store. According to them and the overall rating you can understand which options are not worth your attention.

Buy Bots for TikTok from $0.2 - 23 Online Smm Sites

If you are not interested in target and active audience, but subscribers - bots, it will be much easier to get them than live subscribers. After all, to attract target followers, you need to agree on mutual PR with other bloggers, to buy advertising, to monitor trends and make high-quality videos. And order asian TikTok bots from your phone through a link to do is very easy. To do this, you just need to choose the most suitable in terms of price and quality of service. By the way with regard to promotion costs, you will invest in the bots is much less money than, for example, in advertising. Maybe that's why this type of service does not cease to be popular among beginning bloggers.

buy tiktok bots cheap

To the choice of service is to approach wisely. Many in this case, based solely on the cost of services. Well, on what principle to choose the company, everyone decides for himself. We will present you a list of more than 20 sites where you can also order bots in Telegram, TT, YouTube, etc. Here will be a cost per 100 units:

  • - $0.14
  • instafollowers - $ 1.71
  • socialwick - $2.08
  • tikfuel - $2.47
  • celebian - 5.40 $
  • social-viral - $2.96
  • socialkings- $1.99
  • tikroyal- 2$
  • socialboosting - $ 5
  • followerwizard - 1.69 $
  • vinyadmedia - 3.79 $
  • socialkingo - 1.99 $
  • socialpros - $ 3.50
  • smmlaboratory - $ 1.30
  • vastlikes - 1.33 $
  • stormlikes - 2.99 $
  • socialstore - $ 7.89
  • realsocialz - $10
  • kingviews - $ 5.98
  • tokstart - $ 4.19
  • flixstore - 5.90 $
  • growingsocialmedia - 4 $
  • letmusicplays - $1.79

As you can see, it is possible and inexpensive to buy subscribers in Italy, France. For example, on our site you will pay from $0.20 to $7 for 100 subscriptions.

How to buy bots for TikTok 100 and 1000 via commercial online services? As a rule, you do not even need to register on the site. After you decide on the rate, you need to specify the number of units, your email and link to your channel.

Before choosing one of the services, we recommend that you read the reviews, from which you will learn which tariff is better to choose, whether the service meets its obligations, what is the percentage of deductions and much more.

When using commercial promotion services, the same risks remain as we discussed in the analysis of free option sites. That is, if you order 5000 bots Instagram for an account with 5 subscribers, nothing good will happen. It is important to keep a balance of all indicators. If you have a sharp increase in the number of followers, then there should be more views with likes. Therefore, having bought subscriptions, you can also immediately order ticks and views. To promote your channel in the most natural way, you need to use different methods.

How you Can Earn Real Money in Tik Tok Bots - Methods

Users are interested in monetizing on social networks because they know that you can make a lot of money here. The income of some particularly popular bloggers reaches up to $2,000 per month. Of course, to earn such sums, you need to gain a large and high-quality audience, as well as regularly publish original content.

Is it possible to earn in Tik Tok by bots? You can. But impressive royalties are received only by those bloggers whose channel has a bulk of live subscribers.

There are several ways to monetize videos in TT. And below we'll break down each of them in more detail.

Inspirational Creators Fund

This is the official content earning program for tiktockers. This option is suitable for those who often host streamers or publish educational videos. You can earn up to $1,000.

Each month, users can participate in one of two programs: "Educational Content" or "Live Streaming." You need to apply and then fulfill all the conditions within a month. What can the conditions be? For example, to place a certain number of videos and collect a certain number of views. The service checks the conditions and, if successful, pays the money. If the blogger fails to meet all the requirements, he can apply again and try again.

Not everyone can participate in the program. There are a number of rules:

  1. At least 18 years of age;
  2. Original content that meets all the rules of the platform;
  3. Availability of at least three new videos in the last month;
  4. The average number of views must reach at least 10,000.

These rules apply to those who have decided to participate in the first program. The requirements are slightly different for the Live Program participants:

  • Being at least 18 years old;
  • The presence of at least three held streamers in the last month. The duration of each must be at least one hour;
  • Original content that meets all the rules of the platform;

You can leave an application on a special page of the foundation. If you take into account another social network, then, for example, YouTube bots does not play a special role.

TikTok Creator Marketplace

TT Creator Marketplace is the official collaboration platform for brands and Influencers. You cannot apply, the service itself chooses bloggers and sends them personal invitations. After that they get to the Marketplace list and get orders for advertising from companies and brands. Earnings are from $ 5 per integration. On average they get from $5 to $25 per ad post in other countries. Major bloggers earn up to $2,000.

Nowhere is there any official data on what requirements bloggers need to meet in order to get an invitation. But you can go by the rules for foreign authors:

  • Being at least 18 years old;
  • The presence of more than 10,000 subscribers;
  • Availability of at least three new videos in the last 28 days;
  • At least 100 "Like" over the past 28 days.

Curiously, Telegram has no such requirements for channel owners who want to make money. Here, bloggers can monetize an account with any number of subscribers in Telegram.

Live streaming donations

Streaming is one of the simplest and most popular ways of monetization in TT. Not everyone can conduct live broadcasts, there is one requirement for the authors - the presence of 1000 subscribers. It won't be hard to get them. For example, you can attract a part of the audience on your own, and the other part of the audience by buying Tik Tok bots without tasks and programs, ordering on our website

To make a profit from hosting streams, it is enough to hold them regularly and have faithful viewers. Your earnings will depend on the generosity and gratitude of your subscribers.

During the broadcast, viewers send optional gifts to the streamers, which are turned into diamonds at the end of the stream. In the future, bloggers can convert them into dollars and withdraw the profit. On average, earnings range from $1 to $3 per stream.

user bots tik tok channel


In addition to the official ways of monetization in TT, you can earn unofficially by advertising bloggers, brands and products. How many subscribers do I need to gain in order to make money from advertising? Weighty income starts at 100,000 subscribers. If you run a blog on a narrow subject, you can start with 10,000.

When working with other brands, the blogger and the company representative agree on the method of remuneration. It can be a cash fee, a product or a promo code. Many work on a barter basis.

You can search for advertisers yourself through exchanges like Advizer, TikTok Birzha, TikTopers, etc. But more often they find bloggers themselves.

Advertisers often ask influencers to add a link to the video. However, this function is not available to all. For some it appears after 1000 subscribers, and for others - after 10000.

Affiliate programs

Many firms are interested in attracting new customers and do so through bloggers. But we are not talking about direct advertising integration, but about affiliate programs. In this case, content authors register with the CPA network and receive their unique referral link. They distribute it by any means on their account, encouraging subscribers to take targeted actions: go to the site, register or buy a product. Profit is a percentage of sales made by clicking on the affiliate link.

You should not advertise cryptocurrency exchanges, bets, weight-loss medications, etc. in the TT. You can get banned for that and lose access to the channel forever.

You can publish your affiliate link not only in TT, but also in other places. For example, if you have a lot of live followers on Instagram your page, you can post the link there as well.

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag chelenges in TT are held by the social network itself and well-known brands. To promote them, they turn to bloggers. They take part for a fee and shoot videos with the challenge, adding the hashtag.

An official challange can only be run through TT's advertising department, but it usually requires more than $1,000. Since most companies don't have that kind of money, it's more advantageous for them to reach out to popular authors.

Personal brand promotion

This option is suitable for experts and professionals in different fields. During the pandemic, many have mastered Tik Tok. On this platform organically manages to share information in an entertaining format. Any field of endeavor can be perfectly promoted through this platform. Here you will meet nutritionists, psychologists, astrologists, car instructors, etc.

The very earnings are associated with the attraction of the target audience, which is further converted into customers. For example, a nutritionist can share useful information about ways to lose weight and attach a link to his site with a course in the header of his profile. His audience will eventually gain confidence in him and, if necessary, will remember who they can turn to for help.

This earnings scheme is suitable for all users whose services can be provided in a remote format. And the trick is that the flow of customers can be unlimited.

How will buying in TT bots without registration help in this case? If you don't have many subscribers yet, gaining the trust of your audience will be a little more difficult. It's easier to do this when the channel already has a tidy number, such as 1000 followers.

How Much do Bots on TikTok - Exchange & Advertising Prices

You've already learned how you can increase your subscribers using apps, apps, and exchange services. All of these ways contribute not only to attracting inactive followers, but also a live audience. However, not all bloggers care about how many people subscribe to them. Many people care more about their quality, and they prefer to have 10,000 targeted subscribers than 100,000 bots. Therefore, below we will consider several ways to promote your channel that will help you attract an active audience.

Freelance Exchanges

You can find content managers, specialists in promotion and SMM, marketers, video editors, screenwriters, etc. on freelance exchanges. You can use these sites to find professionals in any field.

Some users on such sites offer to buy TikTok bots inexpensively. But you should not buy them through intermediaries, because you will be overpaying.

The best option in this case is SMM services. On the website Lowcostsmm you can buy followers at an attractive price. In this case, our service is universal, and we can order not only the audience for TT, but also subscribers to the channel YouTube, on a page in Instagram, etc.

Using freelancing exchanges, you can act in one of two ways:

  • Post the task you want to perform, and wait for responses from performers;
  • Find suitable specialists, contact them and offer the work.

You can work on two schemes at the same time. You can post the task and at the same time look for suitable people and offer them cooperation. In this case, if you have not managed to find a specialist on one site, then do not get upset. There are so many freelance exchanges that you will definitely be able to find a performer at one of the services. Moreover, you can use several sites at the same time, so your chances of quickly finding a suitable candidate will increase significantly.

Which exchangers are better? There is no simple answer. They all have different interfaces, design, and forms of publishing tasks. Some services are more suitable for SMM and marketing, others - for developers and programmers. We give examples of sites where you can find performers to help with the promotion of the account:

  1. upwork
  2. freelance
  3. habr
  4. fiverr
  5. mediabistro
  6. flexJobs
  7. behance

These are the most popular services, but keep in mind that the list is not limited to them.

Advertising in Tik Tok

Earlier we talked about advertising as a source of profit, and now we will consider it as a way to promote your channel. You can run official ads, order them from another tiktoker, or promote yourself through challenges:

  • Hashtag - Challenges. In this case, it is advisable to take part in the already launched by someone - that the Challenges. This is much easier than to think up and run your own. Popular bloggers, show business stars and well-known brands launch them, and everyone can participate. And thanks to this, they are gaining new subscribers.

You will find banners with Challenges in the "Interesting" section. There you can also read about its conditions by clicking on the main hashtag;

  • Brand Takeover is a type of targeted advertising in TT. We see it when we open the application. The duration of the show does not exceed 5 seconds. Such advertising takes up the whole screen and is accompanied by a link to the company website. The banner can be not only a picture, but also a gif and a video clip;
  • In - Feed Native Video - this is another type of official advertising in TT, He is a full-fledged commercials that are displayed in the tape and last no more than 15 seconds. This format is considered the most budget-friendly and most suitable for the promotion of channels;
  • TopView - the third format of official advertising in TT. It represents videos which, like in Brand Takeover, are automatically played when we open the application. But in contrast to it, here the video duration can be up to 60 seconds. Such videos can be replayed or closed after a few seconds after the start.

It should be noted that access to the advertising accounts in TT and Insta is now closed for Russian users. Therefore, bloggers have to gain subscribers Tik Tok by other means.

buy bots tik tok groups


Considering the cost of official promotion in TT, advertising on the channel of other tiktockers can be more budget-friendly. In addition, it saves time, because there is no need to deal with the settings of the advertising campaign. It is enough to find a suitable blogger and agree with him.

When you advertise, you get new visitors to your channel. And it's easier to attract them if you already have at least 1000 subscribers. So there is nothing wrong with buying TT bots cheap and then promoting your blog by other "white" ways of promotion.

Choosing a channel for advertising, you need to assess not only its popularity but also other qualities: the activity of the audience, the number of likes and views, the users' reaction to the ads. It is also extremely important that the target audience of the blogger is also your target audience.

To search for bloggers, you can use separate exchangers, such as TikTopers or Perfluence. On these services, you can search for channels by different parameters, resulting in a significantly shorter search time.

15 Popular and useful bots for TT accounts and channels

Bots are programs that perform tasks. They can be programmed for a variety of actions, and all of their responses are already prepared in advance. In this case, the bots do not respond to the commands that are not in them.

Scripts were also created for working with TT, a selection of which you will find below. All of them can be used to increase the number of subscribers to the channel.

A lot of similar programs can be found in Telegram. A huge number of robots are created here for a variety of purposes. Among the options listed below, you will find bots for the channel, for earning as well as promoting accounts in other popular social networks:

  1. FuelTok
  2. Instamber
  3. Seek Socially.
  4. TokUpgrade
  5. Toksocial
  6. Tokcaptain
  7. SocialViral
  8. SidesMedia
  9. Autotokker
  10. Instazood
  11. Instamber
  12. Jarvee
  13. TikSocial
  14. Tokgrowth
  15. Ektor

Using some of these bots, you can gain accounts not only in TT. But it should be noted that many people still prefer to use SMM services such as Lowcostsmm. At these sites, you can order likes, followers, views and comments at very low prices and understand them much easier than the functionality of bots.

Customer Reviews

Such sites are very relaxing, in terms of independent efforts to promote the channel. After all, it is easy to get the right amount of money on the counters.
Ordered 100 bots for $0.81. I can not say that it is all bad, but I would rather take the same here at a higher price.
What a great way to get the right amount of counters online. It is not a lot of money but the result is great.
At first I was scared of the low prices, but I decided to try it anyway. I was very happy with it. The order is fast and the quality is as advertised.
I use this kind of online service only in extreme cases, for example, when the counter is rolled back for some reason. Today I bought 500 of them and they are ok.
I would buy 100 bots for $0.26 but it's not the best quality, it's great for raising my rating.
I've been turning to this site to buy stuff since I started my channel at Tik Tok. I bought everything, so I can say that the quality is excellent, the speed is safe, the prices are the cheapest.
This site has interesting gradation, i.e. 50, 100, 300, 500 and more. What if I want to order 200 or 400?)
Tested the difference in the categories myself. First I bought 500 bots for $1.28, then the same amount for $0.81. The latter are definitely of better quality.
The price is very diverse. I cannot say that I am a supporter of the cheapest positions, but sometimes you can use them.