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How to Get 50, 100 Free TikTok Likes - 7 Options

Who doesn't want to gather an army of followers and see thousands of hearts on videos? These days, every tiktoker secretly dreams about it. But sometimes things don't go the way you want them to. Many are disappointed when they don't see the desired number of likes, and quickly abandon what they started. If you are also faced with a similar problem, don't rush to give up on your channel. We'll tell you the ways you can collect 10, 20 & 50 free TikTok likes without verification on videos and photos.

Free Sites

You can take advantage of sites where you can make free likes. These services are used by many users to gain not only likes, but also Tik Tok followers channel, views, and more.

How are scores gained through these sites? Very simple. It is done in several steps:

  • First, you register on the resource. The process takes a few minutes, as a rule, you need to specify the e-mail and come up with a password;
  • After registration, different sections will appear on the platform. In one of them, you will be able to choose tasks, perform them and earn points. All tasks on the site are published by other users. They are very simple: put a mark, subscribe, write a comment, etc.

In order to do the tasks, you need to log in to the social networks page through the service. This is quite risky, so use only reliable and safe resources.

  • Then you can exchange the accrued points for the likes. To do this, you need to publish your task in another section of the site. Place a link, indicate the number of executions and the amount of payment for one execution. As you understand, you need to calculate in advance how many points you will need to order the required number of hearts.

100 free tiktok likes

There are not many sites where you can order free marks. Here are a few examples:

  • like4like
  • celebian
  • socialfollowersfree
  • instblast
  • tikfans

If you don't want to run errands for other users, you can do get more likes on TikTok without assignments or registration. Similar conditions are offered by commercial services such as Lowcost Smm. We will consider this type of promotion in more detail in this article.

Hashtags and Tags

First of all, hashtags in TT were created for the same purposes as in other social networks. They are needed to sort content and navigate through publications. But at the same time, they can be used for promotion, and many users do so. Few people add tags to sort their videos, mostly everyone pursues such a goal as going to the rivers.

What functions do tags perform in TT:

  1. Contribute to increasing hearts and views;
  2. Help attract new followers;
  3. Increase the chances of reaching recommendations;
  4. Engage your target audience.

How do I get into rivers using tags?

The section with recommended videos is individual for each user. It is formed on the basis of what videos the user views. The service records the tags under which these videos are posted and very quickly matches content to user interests.

You can add popular tags, but they must be relevant to the topic of the video. How do I find popular tags? To do this, you can flip through the feed with recommended videos and see what hashtags are used there. Frequently repeated words are the currently popular tags.

Where else can you find suitable variants:

  • On channels with the same topic (from competitors). It doesn't matter as much which niche you develop your blog in. No matter how unique it is, you can definitely find similar channels. Study their content in detail and pay attention to the tricks and tags they use. Study and analyze the videos that are getting the most TikTok views. Think about what tricks you could apply to your videos;
  • In the popular content section (in recommendations). Watch the videos in the recs section more often and note which tricks you can use in your videos. The main thing here is not to overdo it and do not use too many tags;

Add only those hashtags that correspond to the theme of the video. If you violate these rules, your video will get banned and get few views. You can also come up with your own unique tags, but in this case you need to consider that they will not become popular for a long time.

  • From videos from channels of famous brands. Such tags will help to increase the views of your videos and increase their recognition. You can even participate in Challenges, which are launched by brands, and at their expense promote your account and other videos;
  • On online services. Now there are a lot of sites that publish popular tags. There you can also find suitable options. But keep in mind that you need to check the relevance of these hashtags, because some of them may be outdated.

Let's summarize everything about tags. Add a few words to each video according to the topic of the video. This list can include popular hashtags that are already in use, as well as your own words that you have created yourself. The main thing is not to overdo it.


Massliking is the process of liking videos to a large number of different users in order to attract their attention.

This method of promotion is used by novice bloggers in all social networks. As practice shows, they get hearts in return, and sometimes even subscriptions.

It is more convenient to work according to this scheme not in manual mode, but in automatic mode with the help of specialized services.

Just imagine, you need to liked as many videos as possible in a day. It will take a long time. Moreover, you need somewhere to find the appropriate channels. After all, it is more effective to like not all in a row, but those users who may be interested in your channel.

Unfortunately, there are very few free massliking services. The most famous is the site tikstar. Also, there are paid resources and programs with the function of liking and followering, but their cost is around $ 150 and above.

If you've decided to mass-mail your videos using services, these tips will help you make the most of them:

  • First of all, you need to gather a list of channels whose videos you will like. After all, your actions should not be aimed at random videos from the reels, but specifically at your competitors' audience. But you shouldn't choose channels with an audience of about a million or more subscribers. Such bloggers usually have a very diverse audience, so not all of their followers will be interested in your content;
  • Observe the intervals between actions and start liking others gradually. That is, do not storm thousands of accounts and videos at once. Let your activity be more natural and build up gradually. This way you'll prevent content and channel blocking;
  • Try different schemes and test them for at least 5 to 7 days to record accurate results. For example, you've chosen a certain audience and started working with it. If you're not satisfied with the results, don't rush to change the list of users the next day. Fix the results, then make changes and analyze whether something has changed after that;
  • TT also has limits that limit excessive user activity. They are not as strict as in Insta, but you need to comply with them too. Regardless of the age of the account you can only subscribe to 200 people per day, and put hearts only on 500 videos. In this case, if you just started to actively develop your channel, it is recommended not to reach immediately to 500 marks, and to increase the number gradually from day to day.

The main disadvantage of mass liking is that you can not predict how many reciprocal hearts you will get. You can put thousands of tags, but in response receive only dozens. In this sense, it is much more profitable to steer traffic through services. For example, on the site Lowcostsmm you can buy TikTok comments likes and videos inexpensively.

Mutual PR

If you are not embarrassed by the exchange of likes with others, you can mutually mark each other. There are quite a few novice bloggers who will agree to such terms.

Where to find people to reciprocate? The best option is specialized communities and platforms, such as:

  1. Angie's List
  2. Choice
  3. Trustpilot
  4. TestFreaks
  5. Which?
  6. ConsumerReports
  7. Consumer Affairs
  8. TripAdvisor
  9. Yelp

You can post a link to your channel in all of these communities and invite other members to share likes. If you look at the wall, you'll see that they're all doing the same thing. The only difference is that some want subscribers, some want views and some want likes.

The advantage of the method is that it's free. The minus is that it takes a long time and is not as effective. For example, if you want to get 1000 hearts, then you will have to put the same amount.

instant likes tiktok india

Bots for scamming

Telegram is a unique platform on which there are many bots. These are such programs that automatically solve different tasks for which they were created. Now you can create a bot with almost any function: text formatting, language translation, music search, downloading files, etc. There are also quite a few scripts for promoting social networks. Here are some examples to promote TT:

  1. Piartok_bot
  2. Gamedips
  3. Ttstar_bot
  4. Somiibo

With the help of these bots you can make TikTok likes free. However, it should be noted that not all of them are free to add likes through. Some bots were created by the founders of SMM companies as an additional tool to provide services. But if you're willing to add likes for money, you can also do it through online services, such as Lowcostsmm.


Beginning bloggers, who still have few subscribers, agree with each other on mutual PR. In this case, they do not pay for advertising and do it for free.

It is important to agree in advance with the user on mutual promotion. If you just propiarize someone on your channel, it is not the fact that he will answer you in the same way. So first agree and then act. Discuss all the details: timing and format.

How to choose a blogger for the EP:

  • Choose channels with similar topics, but not direct competitors. If you will have a common target audience, then the PR will give the best result. You can find accounts that fit the theme by using hashtags, as well as in the subscriptions of your subscribers;
  • Pay attention to the number of subscribers. If another blogger has more subscribers, most likely he will agree to PR you only for money. In this case you can make bots in Tik Tok on our website Lowcost Smm, and then the number of subscribers on your channel will correspond to the number of followers on the page of the user chosen for VP.

Pick up a few bloggers and write to them. Given that some of them will refuse you, there will not be many options. With the rest of them you can agree on the dates of the GP and make a schedule.

Mutual PR formats in TT:

  • Duet: You choose a favorite video of another user and record a duet with him. And then he will do the same, but with one of your videos. The result is an exchange of subscribers and an increase in the number of likes;
  • Joint videos: you gather together and record a video together. This option is possible only if you live in one city;
  • Joint live broadcast: you agree on the theme of the stream and at an agreed time to go on the air together. The broadcast will be seen by both your subscribers and the blogger's followers.

You can also agree with the other Influencer to "Like" each other and open the section with your favorite videos. That way your subscribers can watch these videos. This kind of VP is not the most effective because there is no guarantee that users will decide to visit this section.

Instagram and other networks

Your accounts in other social networks may be a good source of traffic. If you have friends and followers somewhere, why not attract this audience? They are already familiar with you, so they are more loyal.

For example, you can regularly PR your TT channel on Instagram and attract that audience. Repost your videos to your storis. When you repost videos to other platforms, your Tik Tok nickname is displayed in the background of the video. Users can use it to find your channel and subscribe to it. If you want to get even more clicks, add an active link to your channel. To further motivate users to click on it, you can post only part of the video. But this approach is relevant only in the case of longer videos.

We've considered several working ways to promote videos without money. Next we'll talk about buying likes on TikTok India and UK cheap. You'll find out which sites you can order likes, as well as how much it costs to advertise and buy likes on services and exchanges.

Buy Likes TikTok on Video - Prices of Sites and Ads

Many tiktokers are in search of quick ways to promote their channel. Everyone wants to know the secret way that would help to get a million subscribers and likes in a short period of time. We know how you can significantly speed up the promotion and tell you about it further.

SMM services

The first and easiest option that comes to mind - is the SMM services. How is it good? We can highlight a lot of advantages:

  1. You can order any number of hearts, subscriptions and views for any video;
  2. Low cost of traffic;
  3. You can make an order for targeting and buy TikTok auto likes app from USA, France;
  4. You can be sure of the end result. The main thing is to choose a reliable company that fulfills its obligations;
  5. Ordering is easy and simple: no tasks or registration. All you need to do is to provide your email and link to a channel/video;
  6. You can order likes for history Instagram and any social networks. For example, if you need not only hearts in TT, but also reactions in Telegram, you can use one site for this.

From the disadvantages, we would highlight only one point: whatever live subscribers you order, they will still be, like bots, inactive. The target audience can not be attracted, but it can be attracted. But this disadvantage is significant only if you need active followers. And if you buy "Like" marks, then it's another matter.

buy tiktok likes cheap

So, if you are thinking about buying likes, you are probably interested in the price of the question. Therefore, below we will look at which sites you can order the mark and how much it will cost. All prices will be given for 100 hearts:

  • captainsmm - $0.16
  • tikviral - $ 1.54
  • tokrush - $ 2.19
  • socialboosting - $ 4.50
  • socialwick - $ 1.32
  • tikroyal - $ 1.25
  • tikfuel - $ 2.97
  • bouxtie - $ 0.95
  • social-viral - $ 1.64
  • influboss - $ 1.39
  • viralstamp - $ 2.16
  • socialkings - $ 1.99
  • tiktokstorm - $ 1.95
  • followerwizard - $ 1.49
  • fansoria - $ 7.99
  • socialkingo - $ 1.99
  • famoid - $ 2.95

As you can see, there are many services where you can order a tick. If you are interested in how to buy likes TikTok legit , you can choose one of the SMM companies and place an order. Of course, judging by the sites listed, not everywhere the service is cheap, but you can choose the best option from such a variety. And on the site Lowcostsmm also you can buy the marks for the price of only $ 2, and also inexpensive YouTube likes on video.


The next quick way to promote is advertising. There are two main options for PR in TT:

  • Promotion through other popular ticktockers. You can find them in a keyword search or on blogger exchanges. The cost of integrations ranges from a few 1000$ to tens of thousands;
  • Advertising through TikTok Ads. The budget for promotion ranges from a few 10000 $. This option is suitable for the promotion of specific videos, as well as sites. Exactly here you can target your target audience and attract viewers from any cities and countries: Germany, Italy.

1 Promotion through bloggers

When you find the right Influencer, you need to discuss with him not only the cost and date of publication of advertising, but also its format. There are few of them:

  • Integration. This option is more suitable for promoting brands with some kind of products or services. The blogger will mention the product in his video, making it an unobtrusive advertisement. It is important that the advertised product fits the theme of the channel. For example, a beauty blogger can advertise cosmetics;
  • Collaborations. This option is most suitable for promoting channels in TT and videos. You need to choose a blogger and record a joint video with him or do a duet.

2 Promotion through TT ADS

There are several formats to choose from on the official TT Ads platform. But we'll talk about just one - In-Feed Native Video. It is one of the most affordable and effective options. Unlike other formats, here you only need 70$ to start an advertising campaign. The ad will be shown in the recommendations section of the feed with the rest of the videos.

To run a PR, you need to register on the TikTok Ads platform. Then you can start setting up the advertising campaign. When creating a video, you need to fit the whole main point into 5 - 15 seconds and create a video that will attract attention.

The cost of impressions and one click may vary depending on the niche. On average, 1000 impressions may cost 0.5 $.

Whichever type of advertising you have not chosen, you can calculate how much it costs to click on the TikTok likes real - 10, 50 and 100, and 10000 followers Instagram you can only at the end of the advertising campaign, dividing your costs by the number of impressions received.

Online exchanges

You can pay other users to like your videos. Nowadays there are a lot of exchanges where people earn money for performing simple actions in social networks, for example:

  • Trusted House Sitters
  • Volunteer Base
  • Au Pair World

On these exchanges you can pay other users for tasks and get them to like your content. The more you offer to pay, the more people will be willing to earn. In general your costs in online exchanges will be the same as when you buy the tags on online services. Only in contrast to the exchanges, the SMM sites ordering process is much easier and faster. Therefore, if you need

Most likes on TikTok at a low price, then you can order it at our service In addition, the site has services for other popular social networks. For example, you can purchase YouTube subscribers.

There is also another kind of exchanges - freelance services, where you can find performers for various tasks related to the promotion of the video and channel in TT. Examples:

  1. Dice
  2. Guru
  3. HireMyMom
  4. Mediabistro
  5. Sologig
  6. FlexJobs
  7. TaskRabbit

You can also publish a task on these sites and wait for responses from performers. If you don't want to wait, you can search for specialists in the field you need and contact them directly to solve your problem.

How Many Likes on Tik Tok to Get Paid on the Account

Tik Tok is a unique social network. Its difference from others is that here for the algorithms does not matter the number of followers. They can be even 10000, even 100, and it does not affect the output in the rivers. And this is because users mostly watch videos in the recommendation feed, not on the channels of those to whom they are subscribed. If in Insta the feed displays the posts of those to whom we are subscribed, in TT it is different. So here, it's how many views and likes a video gets that affects how many times it reaches the top. And you already know how and where to add 100 free TikTok likes from this article. You also learned that you can buy inexpensive subscribers at online services.

Next, we'll take a closer look at the mechanism of getting the videos in the rivers and tell you how many likes it takes to make it happen.

real tik tok likes video

As we noted earlier, each new video gets 100 views in the rivers. Its continued fate will depend on how those 100 viewers interacted with it. The following metrics are taken into account:

  • Likes. "Likes" directly affect the retention of high positions in the rivers. How many likes does it take for a video to hold positions? It depends on how many views it has accumulated. The number should not be lower than 8.5%. It means that for 100 views the video must be liked by at least 8 - 9 people. If this does not happen, the video will leave the recommendation feed and will not gather any more views;

It turns out that the "Like" marks nowhere have such an impact on promotion as in Tik Tok. Even the likes on YouTube and in Instagram now cannot bring content to the top without meeting a number of other conditions.

  • Previewability. If users will, without finishing, move on to the next video, the percentage of completion will be low. It's important to keep viewers' attention so that they watch the video to the end and watch it again;
  • Comments. Comments also play a big role in promotion. You need to make the video commented at least 1 - 1.5% of users who viewed it. So encourage viewers to dialogue, respond to their comments and develop discussions.

As for the hearts on the comments, they have nothing to do with promoting the videos themselves. Such marks affect only the rating of comments. On some SMM sites it is now possible to buy 50 TikTok likes easy on comments. So if you need to allocate a particular comment, you can do it by ordering service.

Buy Cheap Tik Tok Likes -1000, 5000 Real from $1.42

Any video collects likes when the audience likes it, responds to current trends, and is targeted to the target audience. For example, even the coolest makeup review video won't get likes if it's shown to a male audience. Therefore, in order to promote content, it is important first of all to understand who your target audience is and work for it.

If you want to achieve success, you can start by analyzing the content of other popular bloggers and evaluate their videos. Particular attention should be paid to those videos that score the most hearts.

Choose tiktokers in which you are confident. After all, now anyone can buy TikTok likes paypal cheap and fast and throw dust in the eyes with promoted rates.

As a good example with no money, consider the following channels with lots of Likes:

  1. @charli d'amelio
  2. @krissi Malloy
  3. @addison Rae
  4. @dixie
  5. @avani

We have given several examples of successfully developed channels in a variety of topics. On the basis of the listed channels it is possible to deduce some general recommendations for successful promotion in TT.

Keep an eye on trends

If you want your content to gain hearts, you need to quickly catch trends and make videos on them, but with your blog's subject matter and your chips in mind.

Use popular tracks that many people shoot their videos to. Do not forget about hashtags. If you shoot a video with some kind of trend, then use the same tags. Thanks to them, your video will see the right audience.

Combine different types of content

If you develop your channel within the framework of any topic, then in addition to useful videos you need to publish easy, uncomplicated videos. Local users are very fond of videos with instructions, lists of exercises, products and tips. But let your audience not only watch reviews and learn something new, but also relax.

buy cheap tiktok likes

Quality views

In the TT quickly promotes the user whose videos often get into the rivers. For a video to stay in recommendations for a long time, the audience has to like it. How will the service's algorithms know when a video is relevant? By quality, number of views, "Like" marks and comments. Subscribers in a Telegram group also play such an important role.

The system is believed to show the video to the first 100 users. And if they respond to it well, watch it to the end and watch it again, then the video will continue to be shown to even more users.

That's why it's important that your video wants to finish and revisit. How to achieve it? First of all, you need to create high-quality content. You do not need to buy a professional camera. It is enough to stick to the basic rules when filming:

  • Wipe down the camera;
  • Provide good light.

The best lighting is daylight. When creating video in a dark room, it is desirable to use a special lamp. With it, the picture will be bright and accurate.

In fact, you can argue for a long time about what leads bloggers to success. But we named the main factors. If right now your videos aren't getting many hearts, you can order 1 million instant TikTok likes without any charges or risks at our website Lowcost SMM. This way you will at least artificially create interest in your content until it starts to show naturally.

Instant TikTok likes from India and UK - app and programs

Since this social network has become very popular, there are more and more tools for promoting channels. Along with online services, you can use the best place on the buy real TikTok likes, but also subscribers for Instagram . We will give examples of those with which you can get likes on videos and votes polls Telegram:

  • TikBoost - is a paid program that does not require installation on your PC and phone. You can use it from any device. The main functionality of the software - likes, followering and commenting. The cost of about $100 per month. There is a trial period of 3 days.
  • TikTrends - is a program with a similar set of functions. It's audience gathering by tags and competitors, masssliking, massfollowing and masscommenting. You can only use it from your computer, and the software requires installation. The utility costs $200 per month.
  • Tik Sender - is a free program. Using it, you can collect information for further analysis. For example, it can collect: the audience by a given criterion, videos from trends, clips from any user's relays, videos by hashtags.
  • Free Tiktok fans - is a mobile application that runs on androids. Its main function is an editor of videos, but in addition to it there is a secondary function for the promotion of the channel and content.
  • TikPlus - is a mobile application that works on the principle of exchangers. Using it, you'll earn points on tasks and then post links to your videos to increase "Like" marks.
  • TikFame - is a mobile app suitable for iPhone users. It collects popular hashtags, using which you can quickly promote your videos and gain hearts.

If you want, you can find even more programs and mobile applications to promote your videos. However, none of the software will help you get the marks as quickly as online services. On websites you can buy 1000 likes on TikTok and 5000 and a million on the counter or you can get subscribers for your YouTube channel using this link. And to get such a number through programs, it will take much more time. Therefore, services - it is more convenient and faster way of promotion.

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