Privacy Policy

Published on November 13, 2020

The Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy applies to all data that the website can obtain from the User while they are using the products of the Site.

1 General Terms

1.1 By visiting the website and using the products and services published on the Site, you automatically agree with the Privacy Policy regarding the processing of Users’ personal data.

1.2 If a User does not accept the Privacy Policy, they may choose to leave the Site.

1.3 This Privacy Policy applies to the website only. If a User decides to navigate to a third-party website, our Site is not responsible for their actions.

1.4 The is not responsible for checking the personal data the User provides when they accept the Privacy Policy.

2 Use of Data

2.1 undertakes not to disclose the personal data that the User shared when registering or making a purchase on the website.

2.2 The following User data is subject to processing:

2.3 The website protects all User data whenever the User navigates to any external or internal pages. The list of User data that is protected includes the User’s:

2.4 The website collects the IP address data from all Users. This data is necessary to support the User with the timely resolution of technical support issues and other issues related to the Site or services, as well as to determine the legitimacy of the financial transactions.

2.5 There are no time restrictions on the processing of the User data. It can be performed both automatically and in alternative ways as long as they do not violate existing legislation.

3 The Purpose of Data Collection

3.1 The website collects, stores and processes User data for the following purposes:

4 Responsibilities of the Parties

4.1 is not responsible for the User data when the User data:

5 Additional Terms

5.1 reserves the right to make unilateral changes to the Privacy Policy.

5.2 The changes made to the Privacy Policy are effective as of the date they are published on the website.

5.3 Users can email their suggestions regarding the Site’s operations and the Privacy Policy in particular to [email protected].